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Online application for admission B.Ed and B.P.Ed. course 2019 will be started on and from 02.02.2019 to 27.02.2019

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PrincipalThe union Christian Training College is admitting students in this college since its inception in the year 1938 under British era with basic aim to provide Trained Teachers to the society, who are the nation builders of our country. To make the process of admission easier, transparent, free and fare, the college is trying its level best to provide the most suitable way for admission to our course. Therefore, all members of BOG, my teachers, all college employees have given me their opinion to make the ONLINE process of admission a grand success. Their helps- with no time bound is praiseworthy, as they have variously extended their helpful hands to rectify and modernize student friendly ONLINE PROCESS of admission. I convey my respects and kudos to all of them for their untiring efforts.

The F1 TECHNOLOGY, Berhampore has come forward to extend in all possible means as and when required. They have also actively tried their level best to formulate the software by incorporating all accessible way. I convey my congratulation to the team of F1 TECHNOLOGY.

Stakeholders for various fields of academic arena are requested to cooperate with us. Any hindrance, if arise, You are all be guided by us in between college hours. Keep your eyes open for notification to be given time to time for various information in our website as well as college notice board. More thanks to all of you.

Berhampore, Murshidabad.
(A government aided Christian Religious Minority College.)


Please Keep It for your Reference note down your subjects and read rules and regulations of the college.

Preamble :

This Institution was the Joint enterprise of seven missionary societies and churches, established with the primary object of meeting the urgent need for trained teachers in Christian secondary schools in West Bengal, but the facilities for training are extended to students of all communities.

Government recongnised college and the University of Calcutta has granted affiliation of the college as Teachers Training College and the college has started its function from 8th March, 1938 with 4 (four) students under the Principal Rev. T. C. Vicary.

The college is governed by the Board of Governors under the special constitution of the college with safeguard and right and privilege granted as per articles 30, 30 (1) and 30(2) etc. of Indian constitution. Now this college is affiliated under the University of Kalyani.

The training college is accommodated in building provided by the London Missionary Society in Berhampore, Dist Murshidabd, on a good site on the banks of the river Bhagirathi, Adequate provision has been made for sports in the ground in front of the main buildings.

Accommodation in the College :

Accommodation is at present available in B.Ed. Course for Men and Women students coming from different schools of West Bengal and also for non-deputed students not serving in any institution or elsewhere.

Selection Procedure

The selection for B.Ed. Course is made strictly according to merit basis and the list of the selected candidates will be published and displayed on the college notice board in the March of each year. No Correspondence will be made regarding selection. Other than Kalyani University, original migration certificate or cash deposit challan against migration certificate must be produced on the day of admission, failing of which the admission will be treated as cancelled.

Regarding selection of B. P. Ed. Course, test in the field in necessary. The total number of practical tests and qualifications and participation will be considered for merit and the list will be published and displayed on the college notice board in the February of every year.

Regarding admission the decision of the Board of Governors of college is Final. For B. Ed. Course two compulsory method subjects specified above preferably studied at the Under graduate Level. Combination of methods must be taken on the basis of 1st Method Subject. In no cases the combination of subject be changed.

Multigym Facilities :

The college has a Multigym and student can properly use the said Multigym.

Different Faciliites :

1. The college has a grievance cell, complain cell.
2. IQAC and Anti Ragging cell, and Alumni Association.

Teaching Practice :

Details regarding the Teaching practice will be communicated by the Principal of the college. Any travelling expenses involved will, however, be the responsibility of the students concerned.

Hand-Work & Co-curricular Activities :

All courses outlined above include hand work, art, craft or Preparation of teaching apparatus and appliance etc., drawing and other performing arts will be required for soliciting the teaching programme.

Evaluation :

Teachers’ training course of this college includes evaluation of trainees from time to time. The system of cumulative assessment of each student during the training period helps him/her progress of studies. Examinations are regularly held to evaluate the student’s knowledge in different subjects. Psychological test and appliance are available in Psychology Laboratory.

Laboratory Facilities :

The college has 8 laboratories. Geography, Life Science, Physics, Chemistry, Computer, Work Education, Phycology & Human performance and Educational Technology lab. With well equips.

First-Aid Centre :

The college has a well equipped First-Aid Centre for the Students with two sick beds.

Common Room:

College has 3 Common Rooms, one for B.P.Ed. and others for B.Ed. Men and Women Students with all facilities.

Canteen :

College has a good Canteen with all food facilities for the Students.

Admission Procedure of Deputed Trainees :

Deputed Students are admitted according to their Teaching Experience.

Leave of Deputed Trances :

During training period only 10 days C.L. may be allowed to the deputed teacher. After that for any excess leave taken the pay will be cut off as per rule.

Railway monthly concession :

Students may collect the monthly Concession Form up to the age of 25 years from the college office on production of an application.

Library :

The college has a well equipped and computerized library. Trainees will be benefited from the college library. Each trainee will get the books against his/her library card. The books can be kept for 10 days and books must be returned within the scheduled time.

There are some books in the library which are mainly meant for Reference. The trainees will get the privilege to use these books within the library during library hours. Trainees may search the books through computer.

Hostel Facilities :

The college has two hostels. One for men and another for women. According to distance, students are provided seats in the women hostel. Hostels expenditure will be borned by the college but messing system is run by the students. Each hostel has separate hostel rules.

Opening the New Session :

The new session will start from 1st day of the month of July, every year. The opening date if changed will be announced on the day of admission.

Working hours :

The college will start its normal work at 10.30 a.m. and continue till 4.30 p.m. on all working day.

List of Holidays :

Holiday list shall be published and displayed on college notice board as per Kalyani University list and college management list.

Academic performance Marks.
a) M.A./M.Sc. -- -- -- 30
b) i) Hons. or -- -- -- 30
ii) Pass -- -- -- 10
c) H.S. (+2) -- -- -- 10
d) S.F or equivalent -- -- -- 10

How to calculate the point :

Example :
1) An applicant obtaining 65.23% marks in (10 + 2) his point will be 65.23*10/100= 6.523 or 65.23 x .1 = 6.523

2) An applicant obtaining 52.36% marks in P.G. his point will be 52.34 *30/100 = 15.708

Notification For B.P.Ed.

Items of Practical Test : (B.P.Ed.) 100 mts run, 800 mts run, Broad Jump, Putting the shot, Suttel run.

Proper activity dress should be used.

Reporting time :

30 mins. Before the schedule time of interview

Date & time of interview (practical & interview be intimated at the time of submission at application form to collose) No letter will be send.

Original Certificate & Testimonials (academic, professional & allied field) must be produced on the day of interview.

Age :

For Fresh Candidates – Not More than 30 yrs. As on the 1st July of the year of admission.

Under no circumstances the forms will be received after the date of receiving the form. At the time of reporting for interview candidate must produce his name & form no. in a separate paper to the office.

Improper filled in forms are liable to be cancelled and will not be eligible to attend the interview.

How to Submit Hard Copy of the From at College:

After fulfilling the above all, Arrange those 1-9 systematically and attach the following self attested documents as per order-

  6. Baptism certificate in case of Christian student
  7. ApprovaL Memo(s) all in case of Deputed Teachers.
  8. Resulation of Management in case of Deputed Teachers.
In case of any query kindly contact the college authority.


Before download and print your final form, please check thoroughly the online submitted form.
After editing your form online, you must download the updated form and print the final form.
** If editing required befor submitting the hardcopy, please submit the final edited hardcopy to the college.
Your singed submitted hard copy will be taken as final form.
No Handwriting will be allowed in the hardcopy except signature.